Static & Noise

Another frequent complaint we hear about with tube type CB units is intermittent or random noise & static. This can be traced to several different sources. One trouble in tube units made before 1970 was the use of paper bypass & coupling capacitors, these can be identified by a wax coating. This type of capacitor is prone to failure due to age, atmospheric moisture and a breakdown of the internal structure causing a "leakage" and the inability of the capacitor to retain it's value at working voltage. These old capacitors  may cause noises, static, distortion, or even low audio levels in transmit or receive mode.  Most professional restorers of vintage tube equipment make it a practice to replace all old paper capacitors to eliminate shorts, static, and imminent additional repairs. If you decide to tackle replacing components in your tube type CB, do take care to unplug the unit & properly discharge the power supply by shorting to chassis ground to prevent shock & injury.

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