Early to Mid 60's CB club patch photo courtesy of John Urban

   While researching my archive for media files to include on the Retro-Milwaukee page I came across a couple interesting recordings. The old 7 inch reel to reel tape included two arguments on CB that took place in the 1968-69 time frame. Reviewing the first clip, I didn't recognize anyone on the recording, after listening a couple times the memories came back and I am able to add a little detail. The first tape is very mild by today's standards with just some name calling, these are High School age individuals who all know each other. I have no idea as to where they are now or what these folks do today. I think Bill had an Allied A-2567, Tim had a Knight Safari 1. The second 8 minute clip is very raw and some folks may find the language offensive. Apparently 'Frenchy' has been having a party and some drinking taking place....well, the word spread throughout the band and before you knew it the channel was full of hecklers. Lots and lots of wonderful unstable tube type heterodynes throughout. This is unedited historic CB, good or bad you hear it as it happened over 30 years ago!  Have fun listening to the tube type equipment on these vintage recordings.

CB Argument 1968

The Place: Milwaukee WI, Southwest Side between 60th & 92nd Streets

The Time: 1968 or 69, no later

Recorded with: Wilcox tube type tape recorder and Heathkit GW-42 Base CB

The Channel: 7  27.035mhz

  The Characters:

Larry: Athletic type and a bully, first person talking on the tape

Bill:  Offends Larry because of his long hair

Jody: Bills girlfriend

Tim: Says "It's just the pressures of being a CB'er" (funny stuff then) Also does Larry's lab work. Moncees was the Electronics instructor at the Milwaukee Hamilton High School.

Carl: Another long hair person, I believe I sold him my GW-42

Ralph: Babbles incoherently a couple times on the tape.

Howie: Past midway through, an older voice asks for a break, Howie was a great guy.

Goliath : Offers philosophical advice about pounding on someone.

Retro-Dave: Sorry, I am not on this tape, I will keep looking though.

CB Argument 1969

The Place: Milwaukee WI, Southwest Side

The Time: 1969, no later

Recorded with: Wilcox tube type tape recorder and Courier 23 Base CB

The Channel: 13  The 'adults' channel

  The Characters:

Frenchy:  Having a party with South Side company, he is upset about 'asking for a break'

Crash:  Maybe innocent victim, maybe not?

Cosgrove: Very weak voice making comment about the 10-15, a great guy.

Baby Jane: Crash's wife to the rescue

Various Hecklers: The word spread quickly and they just appear.


Retro-Dave: Sorry, I am not on this tape, I was just listening :-)

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