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    Milwaukee was once Beer & Bowling capital of the world. An eclectic blend of a multicultural population and decades of booming economic growth made this city stand apart from the crowd. Return with me on a journey to recall some of the sights, sounds, people and technology of the "Machine Shop of America" my hometown, Milwaukee Wisconsin. Much has gone, some returned, others never changed...

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Greater Milwaukee Auto Show 2023

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Hey, lets go "down by Schusters"

Retro Alert! Billie the Brownie has been located alive & well!

Milwaukee's First Shopping Center

Milwaukee Comic

Click to view Milwaukee's Electroliner

"I'm from Milwaukee I ought to know" Boasts a young, Liberace for Blatz beer

The SS Milwaukee Clipper, now undergoing restoration (click for history)

"The Beer that made Milwaukee famous"

3D cameras David White Co., Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Braves 1953-66

For over half a century Milwaukee was home of the Muk Luk.  Still available from Reliable of Milwaukee

Every person who lives in Milwaukee helps make Milorganite, read about it

Milwaukee's 'Crazy Jim'

                     Capitol Court Blog

Milwaukee, 'City of Steeples' pictured above is Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

Wadhams pagoda style gas station

Milwaukee is home of the 'Holler House', the nations oldest sanctioned bowling alley. Built in 1908 and still in operation today. It is located on 'Lincoln Avenue'

Since 1880 the Usingers elf's have made sausage & kielbasa the old world way in Milwaukee. Other local delicacies include smoked chubs, Ma Baensch's herring tidbits, Bay View brand pickled eggs, gizzards & pork hocks...yum

For the wrestling fans Milwaukee was home of 'Da Crusher' (Reggie Lisowski) Hear 'The Crusher' by the Nova's

Listen to some Retro windows media files, about Milwaukee or by local performers

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More popular than ever, the most Retro Milwaukee product of all time

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