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Astroplane / Starduster M-400 & More

A classic antenna for your Retro-CB impossible dream ? You have inquired at your local CB store and they look at you quizzically ? Well, several of the old classics are BACK ! We live in a Retro-age and what was old is now new again, the best reborn. Reproductions of the famous Astroplane & Starduster are now available. A few of the old classics are still with us like the Cushcraft 'Ringo', Mosley's 'Devant Special' to name a few. The Antenna Specialist's Moonraker and PDL have ceased production, however a few dealers still have these great antennas in stock.  A couple hand made antennas are also available, the classic Gizmotchy beam and the robust Interceptor 10K come to mind. The antennas mentioned are available direct from the manufactures or from dealers, links to sources appear below.


Mosley Devant

Interceptor 10K

Gizmotchy Beam

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