The Charles Gizmotchy Beam Antenna

So, you have acquired a great classic CB rig of the 1960's, have the vintage accessories & microphone. Now it's time to fire up the setup & get back "on the air" Wait, don't forget to select an appropriate antenna to grace your rooftop. A trip to your local CB emporium yields disappointing results, your favorites from the 60's are not here, what will you do ? Well don't despair because "yesterdays technology" is alive & well in the Charles Gizmotchy beam antenna, this unique high performance antenna traces it's roots back to the early dawn of CB history. Originally sold by the Utica radio corporation this beam has been improved over the years by use of better materials, but retains the look of the original. The forward gain is rated at 12db with a 28db front to back ratio. The beam operates in horizontal or vertical polarity with use of two feed lines & a coax switch.  The handmade antenna is still available. Contact Kens Electronics (269) 345-4609 for more information.   

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The Charles Gizmotchy Beam Antenna

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