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    Tokai TC-9  Winston W-106 J.C.Penny 8121Electra Wt-700 Lafayette Dyna Com 5Cadre C-75  Lafayette HE 29a  Vesper by Tokai

  SpacePhone  Courier Clipper 23ch 5 WattPair of Sun Mark SM-9WT  Knight  C100Pair of BC Telcon  BC/CB  Radifon  BC/CB WTR-901Telecon CB/AM Radio Photo by Mark Cigainero

Lafayette 8a 1969 3 Watt 3 Channel Photo by Dale TPresident 6 Photo by Claude Aubin 

Vintage Walkie Talkie Collectors Guide

Knight kit C555 (1965)

1. AMC (model unknown)
2. Heath GW-21
3. Raytheon MV-3 and QM-100
4. Tokai Super Phone 502

wt_amc.JPG (57297 bytes) wt_heath_GW21.jpg (39356 bytes) wt_ray_MV3_AM100.jpg (13787 bytes) wt_Tokai_SuperPhone502.jpg (89950 bytes)

5. Johnson Personal Messenger     6 .Lafayette HA-73A
7. Lafayette HE-410
8. Knight KG-4000A

wt_johnson_pair.jpg (44874 bytes)  wt_laf_ha73a.jpg (54615 bytes) wt_laf_he410.jpg (33280 bytes)    wt_knight_kg4000a.jpg (26073 bytes)

 9. Lafayette Dyna Comm 23a 1973
10. CT-100A (mfr unknown)
11. Heathkit GW-21
12. Heathkit GW-21A

  Lafayette Dyna Comm 23a (1973) Photo By Brent Hite wt_CT100A.jpg (15877 bytes)  wt_heath_GW21a.jpg (16523 bytes)  wt_heath_GW21A1.jpg (16555 bytes)


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