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cb1v.jpg (61447 bytes)Sonar 3023 Photo by Bart RydzynskiHeathkit CB1 Photo by Bart RydzynskiCitifone SS Photo by Fred G French Jr.Citiphone SS Photo by Kelly Anderson

Regency Romper 1964 Photo by JerryCadre 510a Photo By Kevin PUSL 1050a 1961 Submitted by Dean HemphillDemco Star 1974 by Arthur FritzCourier Ranger 23 1974 Photo by Francine

  Cam 98 1969 Photo by Joe CBPolycom Sr.23 with tone alert 1962 Photo by Charlie TalbottRobyn T-123b 1970 Submitted by Denis McCarthyJohnson 250 Photo by Dave McMullen

Heathkit MW 34 Photo by TerryKnight C 540 1965 Photo by Don ZemanGonset G12 1960 Photo by Walter RyanFleet Courier 30 B Photo by Ray FilizofEico 772 1962 Photo by Rich Lucch

Miratel C/R-117 1962 Photo by Paul WardTRAM TR-27E 1964 Photo by Bruce ArcherDak 10 Photo by Larry Shirley

 Colt Model
900 Midnite Special 

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heathkit cb1 ssonar fs23 fs-23 citi fone citifone cadre regency dewald demco courier robyn polycom poly-com poly com cobra cam98 mw34 c540 gonset fleet eico tram miratel dak