Here they are, the class of 59.  CB radio class D was opened on September 11 1958. Here is a selection of equipment from CB's first year. Click on the thumbnail photo's to enlarge. These scans may be slow to load as extra bandwidth was allocated to preserve the text....have fun !!

citifonecd5_1.jpg (70371 bytes)    duald59_10.jpg (95344 bytes)   dunlap_10.jpg (92550 bytes)

globecb100_12.jpg (59440 bytes)   heathcb1_10.jpg (53248 bytes)    intlcb59_1.jpg (184962 bytes)  polycomm59_10.jpg (139908 bytes)

radioshack59_10.jpg (58872 bytes)     rme1959_1.jpg (102839 bytes)

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