The 'Informer Mobile' as referred to by T.C. in the recording was indeed a two door white Studebaker as he mentions. The 1963 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk with V8 and power steering was purchased in 1971 with 32,000 original miles. This spring, I received an email from a friend still in the Studebaker club mentioning my old car had been discovered in the area and was now for sale. Having not seen this car in over 20 years my curiosity was peaked.  I made an appointment to see the car. The last 20 years were not kind to the interior or exterior & the color had been changed to red after I had sold it. It still ran strong and amazingly only 1000 miles had been added since I had sold it, now showing an odometer reading of 63,000 original miles ! The Hawk was used in many local hidden transmitter 'fox hunts' or 'egg hunts' as they were called locally. Also several excursions to South Bend (where Studebakers were made) to attend conventions of the national Studebaker Drivers Club. (Studebaker continued to supply parts for their cars long after they exited the passenger car market)


Here are a couple photo's of the re-discovered 'Informer Mobile'

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