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Akai AP-M7

Perhaps one of the finest turntables of it's type is this AKAI AP-M7. Produced in extremely small quantities in the 1980's due to
CD tech being all the rage. The design features advanced technology direct drive, tangential tracking arm built into the advanced
 iso-optic view cover. 

Extremely compact, hardly bigger than an LP. The design rivals the finest instruments ever designed to
transcribe a vinyl recording. Through the turntable transport viewer the precise operation can be viewed real time.
It's cool toy though. You can set it on repeat, move the arm back and forth via two buttons on the front panel.
Without scratching your record of course! It has auto stop and auto return of the tangential arm.

Ultra awesome AP-M7 display at the front. After switching it on there's a wonderful light show as the micro boots into operation performing
 self checks and calibrations, very impressive... You start it by simply pressing the start button. With the same button you can interrupt LP play.
 Another button lets you move the arm up and down. The arm is precision servo controlled.

 You can just see the micro controlled red light on the arm so you can check the position of the stylus.
It is equipped with the OEM Akai PC-7 cartridge.  There is nothing to tweak or adjust on this turntable
the servos are self calibrating. Anyway, anti skating seems irrelevant with a linear tracking arm of this caliber.

 Sound wise the AKAI AP-M7 is better then I had ever expected, perhaps better then my Thorens and Pioneer.
Overall one impressive display of advanced 80's engineering that was underappreciated at the time.
If you happen to run across one of these rare AKAI AP-M7 you better snag it for your collection,
the word is getting around about this forgotten gem....

Current Value: $200-$400


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