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Author Topic: violets and other candy  (Read 7138 times)
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« on: August 13, 2015, 01:48:44 PM »

I think I was the only one I knew who liked violets candy. Smelled like soap, came in purple and silver wrapper. Anyone remember milkshake candy bars? were great frozen. mars candy bars were wrapped in O.D green. what happen to forever yours bar? Wax mini coke bottles with some kind of juice in them. Made you thirsty. Anyone else chomp on the wax? Juju red coins that pulled your teeth out. bonomo Turkish taffy bars. Slowpokes that once you got it warm and soft as you ate it then as it air cooled it turned into a weapon with jagged points. bit o honey that always stuck to the paper. Ate a lot of paper. Thought we were cool with candy cigarettes. Tootsie rolls and milk dudes didn't have that hard waxy shine. They had a softer dull texture. It was better. Baseball cards used to have a piece of chalky bubblegum the same size as the cards, then they scrimped on it and cut it in halve. That gum was like eating shards of glass until you chewed on it for awhile. We ate it anyway. there was lots of penny candy. I'm sure we drove the lady at the corner store crazy hemming and hawing trying to choose what we wanted. Now kids have to eat healthy. what's the fun in that.
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