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Title: bowling alleys south side
Post by: paperboy on August 13, 2015, 02:15:44 PM
Pinkys across from Pulaski high on 27th and Oklahoma, now part of St. lukes. Used to skip school and hang there. Thunderbowl on 76th and Oklahoma. Very modern at the time. Someplace on 51st and howard. cant remember name of it. Serb hall 51st and Oklahoma was fun. Couldn't get away with hanging out when skipping school. they were on to us. Bowlero, I think hwy 100. Can't remember name of the place on 27th and Howard or there about. East side of street. was a place on 35th and Oklahoma next to Villa Roma (best pizza around then) Name escapes me. Just a few. good memories and great places to meet girls. Would like to hear replies about more places to further jog memory