Here are the exciting pictures of the "CB Shop Frozen in Time" Enjoy the trip !

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Written & submitted by Dave Hromanik

I read the last post by Jack with great interest. I also had the fortune to grow up in an area populated with Olson's Electronics stores, and, will probably be buried with one arm around my SideBander II. Like the Regency Imperial and Range Gain family, these transceivers have some of the most sensitive receivers ever found anywhere! Properly tuned, they will provide readable signals with less than 0.1 uV signal input. But I digress. This post is not to extol the virtues of the Regency. I'll leave that to those of you who have one. Rather, this relates to a continuing saga. My friend Joe, who hangs out on channel 12 with us here in Pittsburgh, e-mailed both me and Mark with a strange story. Seems that he'd stumbled upon a CB shop that not only had a display case full of classics (Dave, please add a link to the pictures Mark took and I e-mailed you.) but he also had many new-in-the-box radios as well! This caused me and Mark to take a road trip, armed with a digital camera. Now, I worked as a tech for the B&S CB Shop when I was 16, back in '72. But I was overwhelmed! Not the display case, of which I mostly said "Have that, had that." No, it was the MANY boxes in the back which held NEW radios. Comstat 35's, Kris 23+'s, Browning LTD and SST mobiles! Both of us had shaking hands as we moved the boxes around and tried to take a mental inventory. It was all Mark could do to keep from shaking the pictures up! He bought a Comstat, and I picked one up for Keith, an old friend with cerebral palsy who can't travel. Mark and I were so blown away by all of this that we didn't even stop at Hardees to eat on the way home. I went back with my wife two days later, and bought a new Cobra 135 base, and the 132 matching mobile. Keith bought a Cobra 139. The next weekend, Mark went back and bought a SBE Console II, and Keith bought a Teaberry 23 channel tube rig! I suppose that I will have to go back there, because if I buy a Regency CR-123B then I will have every base rig I ever owned from when I first started, an Eico Sentinel Pro, to the one I bought the first year of my marriage, a Telsat SSB-25A. Mark took a nice picture of some of his collection, and after I redo my room here I will send Dave a picture of mine. Keith, on the other hand, packs his rigs away. The last time I went to his place, we wanted to check a mike he found on his Comstat 19. When I asked him which box it was in, he replied "I don't know!" Even our host here on Retrocom got caught up in this, making a telephone call and getting three radios!

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